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The Oh My Hero Blogfest - William

I've been waiting for this all month and it's finally here! Today is the Oh My Hero Blogfest hosted by Jaycee DeLorenzo. If you don't know what this fiesta is about then gander no longer:

What's your hero like?  Is he the strong and silent type?  The wounded bad boy?  A man on a mission, not looking for love, but captivated by your heroine?  Whoever he is, we're sure he's swoonworthy, and we want to learn more about him!
On April 27th, post a picture of your hero with a character interview that has at least 5 questions. You can check out the sample questions provided, or come up with your own, since you know your hero best and what you'd like to reveal about him

And that's it. If you haven't signed up and would like to get in on the action then hop on over to Jaycee's blog and join.

It just so happens today is also the continuation of the A to Z blogfest, and it just so happens my letter is W, the name of my MC William. How awesome is that? Now if you ladies like your guys blonde, muscular, sexy and passionate then William Lord, from my WIP The Perfect Adam, is the man of your dreams! But don't take my word for it, let Will tell you for himself.

1.  So, Mr. William nice to meet you sir. 

Nice to meet you too, Tyson.

I know you're a busy man, but I'd be honored if you could spare me a moment of your time to ask you a few questions.

Definitely. Anything for my bud.

Thanks bro. All right, I'll start things off with an easy question, okay?


How would you describe yourself in one word?


2.  How would you describe Seratonus Bladell aka just Sera?

When I first met "just Sera" my heart skipped a beat. Her face is like a rose petal, soft and pure; her body is curvy in all the right places, from her full sexy hips to her smooth little tummy; and the way she walks is like an angel on a cloud--I just love her.

3. Wow, I can feel the passion. 

There aren't enough words to describe her. 

I'm sure a lot of women would love to have a guy like you. And speaking of love, do you believe in love at first sight?

Always. I'm a romantic kinda guy, so I believe each of us has someone destined for us and us alone. I was lucky enough to have found my "special someone" in this lifetime. 

4. Absolutely beautiful. I'm happy you found your girl, I'm still looking for mine. 

Don't give up. She will find you. 

Thanks. So, Will, you have friends right?

Yes, I do. Not a lot, but the ones I have I can count on.

And how would they describe you in one word?


5.  What's your favorite thing to do when you and your friends are just kicking back? You know... your pastime?

Well, this might sound abrupt and frank, but my pastime doesn't include kicking it with the boys.

Really? What is it, then?

I have a lot of love to give and I aim to please. If you want it, I'll give it--morning, noon and night.


So that's why I can never get you over to watch Football?

Pretty much. *grin*

Well ain't you all that and a bag of skittles. Need to share some of that energy you got, bro, I need it.

I'm sure you're fine. You're young. 

Obviously not as young as you. LOL

With practice you'll be able to outlast and outshine.

Okay, now you're just bragging.

6.  Let's get back to the interview, shall we?. What's your idea of the perfect date?

A movie, dinner, a nice walk and a kiss goodnight.

Sounds boring as hell.

I'm not very complicated, Tyson, you know that. 

Well, I obviously know nothing about you, considering I had no idea you just stay home and make love all day long.

Is that jealousy I hear?

What? No dude. Not at all! I'm not jealous. Okay, maybe a little bit.


7.  Anyway, are you a morning or a night person and why? 

Night. I stock up on energy during the day so I could go all night long. 

SERIOUSLY? Now you're just being mean. Be serious.

All right, all right. I prefer the morning. The night has many wonderful things, but with daylight you can see the world, meet so many amazing people and get things done.  

I like the day too but for totally different reasons.

And what are those?

I'm not telling you.

Come on.



Fine. Monsters come out at night. 

8.  If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

You're just gonna rush into it after that last one aren't you?

Shut up!

*grin* If I won a million bucks I'd put some away in savings, and for my kids' college fund when I get them, give some to my family and use the rest to make sure Sera gets anything she wants.

And what about me?

What about you?

Aren't you gonna give your boy a little somethin'?

Sure. But you're going to have to do some "things" to get it. You know...some dirty things. 

I'll pass. 


9.  If you had 24 hours to live what would you do/ where would you go?

I'll make amazing love to Sera one last time and then go to a cliff overlooking the sea and just watch the sun set. 

That's deep, Will.

It's who I am.

Can you write that for me on a post card?

Sure thing, buddy.


Wait. Are you being sar--?

10.  New question: What's your favorite comic book character and why?

Superman. I am fiercely protective of the people in my life and I never let them down.

WOW. You'll really take a bullet for me?

Any day. 

Thanks bro!

Don't mention it.

11.  If you had three wishes what would they be?

Long life, financial stability and a world free of poverty and pain.

12.  Last three questions. What's your favorite movie?

Under the Tuscan Sun. 

As in the chick flick with Diane Lane?



It's an amazing story of love and starting over. You should watch it sometime. 

When I grow boobs and wear panties, maybe, but until then I--

Wait. Don't you have that movie on DVD?

13.  *Ahem* What's the first thing you notice about a woman that you find attractive?

Lips. I like sexy lips. You have sexy lips Tyson.

Stop that! 


14.  All right, last and final question: What do you hold value the most in a potential love interest?

Honesty. There is nothing more beautiful than a person who is 100% with you all the time. 

I agree and on that note, we're done. Thanks for taking the time to do this, bro, it was a real pleasure. 


Thanks to Jaycee for thinking up this amazing blogfest, I had fun doing this interview with Will. And I can't wait to see what you guys came up with, so here I come!


twentysomethingfictionwriter said...

Great post! Um Wil is too funny! I couldn't stop laughing at how he kept teasing you, haha. Thanks for joining our hop :D

Kyra Lennon said...

Ho.Ly Crap! You had me at the photo, then I started reading!

Will is very smooth and super flirty! He scores major points with me for saying that he likes lips. Lips are very important!

Danielle B. said...

Oh. Em. Gee! How in the heck am I supposed to look at my hubby the same way after reading this? Definitely swoon worthy!

Elise Fallson said...

Now that was funny. I especially liked "Monsters come out at night." heheeheh.

Suzi said...

What a romantic guy--love him.

ilima said...

*wiping the drool off my chin* :) Nice job.

T.D. McFrost said...

This was seriously the most fun interview I've done. I had no idea Will was like this. As soon as I started the interview and asked myself those questions, his voice just took over and the end result is what you guys read.

Twenty: Thank you so much for stopping by. I can't wait to see what you came up with.

Kyra: Lips are indeed. And if you want more pics of Will, you can Google Jessie Pavelka. I was looking for a "blonde guy" in Google Image search and he came up. He fits the appearance of Will perfectly.

Danielle: Thanks Danielle. I knew you guys would like it.

Elise: That is no joke. I really am afraid of certain monsters. I saw this video on Youtube of this ghoulish looking man under a tree some Mexican guys captured on video while in a forest and it FREAKED me out. I was scared of trees for a whole week!

Suzi: I think that no matter how much a woman might love the bad boy, they prefer a nice guy to treat them like a queen. And that is something you'll never get a bad boy to do, although women like to think he would--or that they could make him.

Juliana Haygert said...

I LOVED THIS! I laughed so much!
And I sighed at the pictures. What a man ...
Under the Tuscan Sun ... I like that movie, but you know, I'm a girl and very emotional LOL
And my favorite superhero is Batman. Because he has no super power ... he has skills (and money to get him cool gadgets).

Btw, love the Arthas pic at the top. Super WoW addict over here ;)

Carrie-Anne said...

Will sounds like a really nice, fun person. I loved your banter back and forth.

Melissa said...

I loved it! Great interview. :)

Cassie Mae said...

It's so refreshing to read about a genuinely good guy. I'm in love with him. Too bad he's taken :)

Jenn Hartz said...

So when I opened your blog and saw the pictures I literally gasped! Oh My Gosh is that guy a hottie!!! I could just look at him for the next hour or so.... Great interview too! Sign me up!!!

Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Wowsa, do I wanna take him home for a weekend. Great interview! He's luscious and I did a man with a sense of humor!

Thanks for participating!

jaybird said...

I think I'm in love...WOW. Wills is the bomb. Character, voice, pic, it all came through here loud and clear. What a great job!

Andrea said...

"I have a lot of love to give and I aim to please. If you want it, I'll give it--morning, noon and night." *swooons* I also loved Under The Tuscan Sun. Sounds like hes a real romantic at heart. love it!


Jaycee DeLorenzo said...

Psst...go check out my blog...NOW!

Guess who won...?

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