Monday, 23 January 2012

Fantasy And Young Culture

Pokemon's Latios & Latias

Fantasy needs some innovation, especially since e-readers are becoming the new books. Readers want more out of their stories and since most teens/kids spend eight hours a day online, it is essential we captivate them. And fast.

If you have kids, take a moment, sit and enjoy one of their favorite cartoons, or watch your son/ daughter play a video game. Ask questions about what's taking place. Who are you fighting? Why are you fighting? What powers do they have? What's the story about? Not only is this a great way to bond, but the information you can garner from cartoons and video games is immense. Learning what works and what doesn't in these tropes can enhance or birth your own ideas. For instance, the hottest thing out right now for cartoons is Naruto and Ben 10.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto is perhaps the most unique and thrilling ninja tale I have ever seen. Not to be a fan girl and swoon, but it basically comprises all the elements of great fantasy:

1) Unique Power

2) Rivalry

3) Huge Stakes

4) Unstoppable Villain

5) Friends 'til the end

Though nothing new, Naruto took these tired old bones and mended them with a little sugar, spice and everything nice. So, for those of you who write for kids/teens what are some of your favorite teen shows? What channels have you subscribed to on Youtube? Do you know who Shane Dawson is? Do you play Minecraft or Skyrim? Do you watch the CW? And more importantly, do you know what is a "Dougie"?


Vicki Rocho said...

OMG, you made me feel reaalllly old. I don't think I can answer any of those questions.

What exactly is a "Dougie"??? Is it all related to a loogie? ;)

T.D. McFrost said...

I'm sure you're not old. Old is 70. And a Dougie is a sort of dance. Justin Bieber does it, even Obama did it once. Like all things you can Google it--better yet, Youtube it.

Matthew MacNish said...

My kids love Naruto, and I like it too, but I prefer Avatar, the Last Airbender, and can't wait for the new season.

Also, I love me some Skyrim.

Michael Di Gesu said...

I have to agree with Vicki... Where have I been? Another planet maybe?

Leave it to you T.D. to keep up with what's current. I admire your determination and ZEST... Keep it up kid.

I write in these markets and I guess I need to keep a closer eye on what's current or better yet, I will just pop back here for more info.

Great graphics BTW... as an illustrator I always enjoy looking at cool art.

Ello - Ellen Oh said...

I only know these things because of my kids - but I refuse to be old!!

Happy Lunar New Year to you too, Cutie!

ryan field said...

I'm smiling because the five elements you listed work for the romance genre, too. Just add a hero and happily ever after and you're set.

L.C. said...

I'm a bit of a Naruto fangirl, gotta say. And Bleach. I get a little annoyed with the but-we're-frieeeeennnndddsss parts, but let's be honest: Naruto has ninjas. Hello, trump card. :-)

I'd play Skyrim if my poor little computer could handle it. lol.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I love Skyrim. What a beautiful game.

Krispy said...

Ah Naruto. I never got into that because it was already so ridiculously long by the time I went looking. I watched Bleach instead since that was just starting. I think I'm okay with most pop culture things (I think being a total nerd/geek and reading a lot of YA/MG helps), but I am definitely starting to feel old (not being able to stay up late / not caring about stuff as much / being more and more of a homebody. ). Hahaha. Esh, I'm already a grandma.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite cartoon series is The Last Airbender. Love it. Love it.
I'm participating in the 4th campaigner platform building event.

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