Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Boredom, Gowns And My Cute Pony!

Yes I do have a pony, but more on that later.

This weekend was boring as hell, I got no work done, I went no where and I think I gained, like, five pounds eating those damn Milkyways I found under my couch. I was half tempted to kidnap Ray J, make a sex tape, leak it to Vivid Inc. and become a star like Kim Kardashian. Isn't that the way to become a star these days? Anywho, I had a lot of time to reflect on my tragic life and in doing so I decided to live vicariously through the skinny bitches that walked the red carpet of the Golden Globes. Okay, so they're not bitches (well, except for Elton John) but needless to say, I did like some of the ladies in their frocks and seeing Angelina and Brad together was great! The standout of the night, for me, was when Octavia Spencer won best actress in a supporting role for her portrayal of Minnie from The Help. If anyone deserved to win it was her and I am beyond delighted of her accomplishment. I hope she wins the Oscar too. I'll leap out of my chair if that happens!

Now on to the dresses! Some looked like silky drapes of sunshine, others resembled linen found on goddesses and then there were those that looked like homeless people threw shit at it. (Seriously Sarah Michelle Gellar?) But I'm not here to diss anyone's fashion sense, because I know nothing about fashion, or makeup or hair or--Ahem!--I know nothing!

Here are the stars I think looked the best:

I want her babies!
Sexy Layday!
She had best pray I never find her alone!
Simple and Elegant

I can't wait for the Oscars!

Now, you may already know this, but I like blue ponies. I don't care that some people think it's gay or weird, I like my frickin' Wind Whistler! There are some people who share my love for her and her buddies and then there are those who are too closed minded to comprehend their sheer pony AWESOMENESS! 

And for those of you who think My Little Ponies aren't badass, just watch this video by ScrewAttack of Starscream vs Rainbow Dash. Oh boy, are you in for a rude awakening! 

Have a great day!


Kelly Hashway said...

I missed the awards, but my daughter watches My Little Pony everyday. She has just about all the ponies as well. So why blue ponies, Tyson? Just curious.

T.D. McFrost said...

I usually only watch the Oscars (cause I dream of winning one someday!) but I was so bored I decided to give the GGs a shot. It wasn't so bad.

I only like Wind Whistler. She is just plain awesome and so pretty! I think she can own Rainbow Dash in a fight tho.

farawayeyes said...

No TV - thanks for the update on the red carpet.I gotta find a place to go and watch the Oscars.

I'm just gonna believe you on the ponies.

McKenzie McCann said...

Now, what I don't get is how all of those dresses cost more money than most people make annually.

But I'm glad Minnie won. That's nice news. c:

T.D. McFrost said...

Farawayeyes - I forgot you live on an island. You can watch the Oscars online at ABC.com or on Hululu.

McKenzie - I know right? The stuff I'd do with that money...

Octavia is da bomb! And she came from total obscurity to super stardom! I am so happy for her! ^_^

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I didn't get to watch the Golden Globes because I went to dinner with my friend Meg. But I heard it was funny and that Elton John got into a catty fight with Madonna.

T.D. McFrost said...

Ya, that's why I called him a bitch. I don't mean it, of course, it's just a bit of scandalous humor. You see it all the time on these online articles. Or maybe I read too much Yaho0? 0_0

jonyangorg said...

I'm a Rainbow Dash fan myself...

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