Thursday, 17 March 2011

So Good, It's Scary!

I'm back y'all!

If I told you why I was absent from my blog you'd most likely wave your fist at the monitor and yell.

But, of course, I must divulge so (WAIT FOR IT...), without further ado, the reason I was absent from blogging is (WAIT FOR IT...) due to my first place finish at the 25th Annual Drag Queen Finals.


Well. . .no. But that was fun to write (and very, very creepy).

In actuality, I got in another ATV accident and fractured my right hand, and sprained my left wrist. Yeah, Yeah, I know: "Do you ever learn from your mistakes?" Hey! I'm pretty good at drag racing (no pun intended) and I can't very well lounge while my friends do flips and one-handers now can I? To be honest, I can, but it's pretty darn boring sitting there picking my nose.

Anywho, I just got some use of my hands and immediately got into my revisions. Usually, the mood and setting have to be right (no noise, my stomach must be full, my skin must be clean, and my horny-ness must be at a minimal, which seldom happens 'cause, somehow, I'm always in the mood - too much info?). Nevertheless, today I decided to "wing it" and boy oh boy was I AH - MAZED! I wrote a brand new opening so good it was downright scary. Dude, I'm talkin' some major LEGENDARY, PEE-YOUR-PANTS good! Of course, I have to revise it about thirty times over, but as of this instant I want to bask in its glow.

The funny thing is, now that I wrote it, I'm asking myself if I can conjure another - or even write! I hate myself for this. Every time I write something worthy, I get writer's block and doubt my potential. This tiny voice in my head says, "You're not published, so for all you know, what you wrote could be crap!" And you know what...? I actually believe it. So here I am, with an awesome first chapter and a wall blocking my muse from getting to the computer. I'm so bummed I could probably drench a room with my cloud of depression.

Do you ever get those days where you're on cloud nine and then, all at once, you're falling to earth without a parachute? How do you handle it?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your accident. :(

Happy revising. I love it when a manuscript takes shape.

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