Monday, 17 September 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

I'm sure you're all aware who Alex J. is. If you don't then you must be a hermit or a baby coco bear or a moose tail lemur or I dunno...dead? Alex is one of the most popular bloggers on the frickin' planet, uber powerful ninja lord and otherworldy science fiction author. Did I mention he's a ninja?

Today I'll be participating in one of his many blogfests and sharing with you my favorite genres in movies, music and books.

Favorite Movie Genre Is: 


I live for action flicks, especially those involving martial arts. I constantly prowl the pages of this Hollywood movie blog searching for action flicks past, present and future. Some of my favorite movies are 300, Avengers (of course), Harry Potter movies, Ip Man, The Legend of Aang the Last Airbender (cartoon), Alice in Wonderland (loved her as a female warrior. So badass!), Ninja Assassin and Rush Hour.

Favoirte Music Genre Is: 

Pop Rock

Something about that bass guitar and those drums just incites my soul; a lead vocalist with a stunning voice (ala Amy Lee) makes me all giddy. Some of my favortite bands are Evenessence, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne and Maroon Five.   

Favorite Book Genre Is:


And you all know which book in particular I worship. ^_^

Guilty Pleasure: 


It can be chick flicks, RomComs, dark humor--you name it! As long as it makes me laugh I'm there!

On Wednesday I'll be doing something very special for a dear blogger friend of mine. Stay tuned for that!

Have a great week!


Kyra Lennon said...

We are obviously soul mates! ;) Well, apart from the action movies thing ... although I will watch almost anything with a muscly man in ... :D

LOVE Maroon 5 more than I can ever possibly explain!

T.D. McFrost said...

Soul Mates? I know right? Does that mean we can put our hands together and activate our Soul Powers?

Elise Fallson said...

I like action movies too and loved Avengers! That movie rocked.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

I only like romantic comedies if the guy in them is really hot. My favorites are ones done by Michael J. Fox or (later) the ones starring Ryan Gosling. I could stare at Ryan Gosling all day long.

Jocelyn Rish said...

I think that every genre is improved with some comedy. I picked horror as my movie genre, but I only really like the ones that make me cringe AND laugh.

I enjoyed reading about your favorite genres,

ryan field said...

I'm a "baby coco-bear" but I am lurking and having fun :)

Michael Di Gesu said...

Hey, T.D.

Have to agree with MANY of your choices. Really LOVED ALICE... Rush Hour and MANY of the HP films.

You can never go wrong with a hot vocal, no matter what music style.

Gotta laugh ... it nourishes the soul.

Demitria said...

Avengers rocked :)

New follower.....

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Oh yes, Harry Potter is one of the best books of all times.

Sherry Ellis said...

Yep, I like chick flicks, too.

Morgan said...

LOL! I'm totally laughing...

Yes, Alex definitely doesn't even need a hyperlink...

And great line up :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Can't go wrong with fantasy - it's one of my favorite book genres as well.
Thanks for participating in my blogfest!

Jeremy [HWR Curator] said...

fantasy... rocks, music rules... you are all set!

Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

Melissa said...

Agree with Jocelyn - everything is better with a little comedy thrown in. Great post! I enjoyed getting to know you better. :)

Participant #125

Allison said...

I love the Last Airbender (the anime show, not the movie)! They actually started another series that comes after it called the Legend of Korra and it is pretty good.

Allison (Geek Banter)

Jeremy Bates said...

It's hard to pin one down on favorite genres at times, right? I mean, I love horror and action, but I enjoy a good drama and love comedies. Hmm, comedy horror drama? lol

I's have to say that my fave romantic comedies of all time are "As Good as it Gets" and "Hitch."


DEZMOND said...

love me some Linkin Park and some romcoms too!

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