Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Celebrity Obsessed

I took a break from blogging to catch up on some work stuff. And catch some sun. I'm officially a member of the Jersey Shore now that I look like orange leather.

Well, things have been pretty nice this summer: I fell down a hill, I fell into a barrel while trying to do tricks, I fell into a deep sleep while watching the Expendables 2 (still crap in my book), I fell onto the back of goat I was trying to catch and I fell in love. Ah yes...don't you just love summer?

I'm not officially back yet, but I wanted to discuss this video I came upon yesterday. It's about this average guy who decided to prank the good folks of Time Square into thinking he's a celebrity by using what defines one: nice clothes, bodyguards, papparazzi and an entourage.

Be aware he's a complete nobody, but it's interesting to hear the responses of the "fans" when the cameraman asks them, "How do you know him?"

This is so incredibly sad and speaks volumes of our society. Not only did the people blatantly lie about knowing who he was, they also didn't even stop to ask who the furk is this dude?. They saw some cameras, a few guys in suits and they go crazy.

"Do you know Brett Cohen?" the camerman asks a young man.

"Uh, yeah...he was Spiderman. He's a very good actor."

The camerman then asks antother man: "Have you heard any of his music?"

"Um, I heard his first single, which is good. I don't know the name of it but I heard it on the radio."

LOL. I swear I didn't make that up.


Esther Spurrill-Jones said...

Wow. There are no words.

Cassie Mae said...

You know what's funny? I totally would be one of those people BS-ing my way through that, lol. I would just think it was my mommy mind going crazy as to why i didn't know the famous dude, haha!

T.D. McFrost said...

Gosh now you make me feel bad I inadvertantly called you a sheep.

I guess some people are just drawn to bright lights and crowds? Or am I totally wrong about all this?

I really would like to know if I'm the only one who thinks these people are silly?

Cassie Mae said...

Lol, I wouldn't be drawn to celebrities (unless it was someone I knew, like Daniel Radcliffe! Ha!) But if someone was like, oh, do you like so and so's music? And there's a camera in my face and a mic and stuff, yeah, I'd try to rack my brain to come up with an answer that didn't make me look completely clueless, lol.

T.D. McFrost said...

LOL. I'd be like, I'm sorry but I don't know who the hell that is.

Michael Offutt, Tebow Cult Initiate said...

LULZ. The Jersey Shore comment made me giggle.

Donna L Martin said...


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Elise Fallson said...

LOL, people are so silly, in the same way if there was enough media coverage of a kumquat, and it was then displayed with cameras and bodyguards around it, you'll have people wanting to pose for pictures with it. Maybe even ask for autographs.

"...and this is me standing next to *the* kumquat! It was so awesome!"

ryan field said...

This is painfully hysterical :)

It reminds me of when Howard Stern sent out a crew to ask people what they thought about Sarah Palin running as Barack Obama's Veep. They thought it was wonderful. Not one realized that both run on different tickets.

DEZMOND said...

so lovely to hear that you've fallen in love recently! Happy for you, my friend.

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