Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Gearin' To Get An Agent Blogfest

The gorgeous Deana Barnhart is hosting this most stupendous blog-o-rama.

Here's how it works: Each week in July we are going to focus on the agent-grabbing elements (platform building, learning the craft, the novel and queries) in an interactive way.  I will give more detailed information about the individual weeks at a later date, but let me just tell you the end of each week I will be giving away CRITIQUES GALORE from some seriously talented people who have agreed to help me out in this department.  I can assure you, you won't be disappointed (*hint hint* think agents, writers with agents, published authors...see, you aren't disappointed are you?).

Today we're supposed to post the weirdest, dumbest writing question ever. Since I started this writing thing twelve years ago, I've had many unanswered questions regarding this industry. Now I know at this stage of them game I should know about them, and I do, but there is one that I simply can't shake:  What happens to my book after it's been sold? And how on earth do they turn a pile of paper into a spankin' new novel?

I have an idea how it works, but it seems every resource out there has an extra nugget of new information about this phenomenon. So, I want to know what's your two hundred cent answer?

And when you're done, stop by the other awesome bloggers and find out their crazy, stupid question.

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mooderino said...

I think you have to do some more work on the book with an editor and once that's done the rest (printing etc) is sorted out by them and will be on the shelves between six months and two years from then (depending on how many books they're putting out).

I am not an expert.

My blogorama question is up at Moody Writing

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Hopefully, you work hard on the brilliant suggestions your astute editor gives you and you get out there and promote and hope that when that beautiful book arrives on the shelves there are thousands of eager hands waiting to devour it!

Alleged Author said...

The author needs to work with an editor and THEN a copy editor. Afterward, the author has to publicize the crap out of the book because the darn things don't see themselves. :P

Barbara Kloss said...

I wish I had an answer. That would mean I've been through it :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

LOL. I have sources that I plan to ask that exact same question to but I haven't yet.
I'm excited to see your answers :)

Kristi Bernard said...

I think it's a long drawn out process and then the book magically appears.

Jo Schaffer said...

Editors can be a nightmare-- but rewrites are always good.

(= Frost Lord, now is it? Hmmm. Me like.

Angie Cothran said...

I found a great blog that goes through the process from MS to book.

Janice Hardy is the author of three middle grade books. On her blog she has a link on the left titled: The Publishing Biz. She has a few great posts on exactly what happens.

Good Luck!

T.D. McFrost said...

Mooderino - Herro, I love your name. I think you nailed it! Thanks a lot!

Angelina - So good to meet you. I think you're right too. I'm glad! See --> ^_^

Alleged - I like your avatar, I can't tell if your dog is constipated or angry. LOL

So good to meet you!

Miss Lip Kloss - Love you pretty lady. Thanks for sayin hey!

Shelly Brown - Herro, so good to meet you. I love your blog and pardon my stalking you from now on. ;)

Kristi - I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but me likey! :D

Thanks for sayin' hey.

Jo Jo - My second pretty lady. I'm so glad you're back blogging. I missed you a WHOOOOLLLEEE lot! I'm glad you like the name, I love it too! ^_^

T.D. McFrost said...

Angie - I came across that blog a while ago. To clarify, I do know how it works, I just wanted everyone else's ideas on the matter.

And I got it. So I'm glad, yet again. Pardon the zeal of my comments, something great happened t me today, so I'm on cloud 211! ^_^

alexia said...

From what I've heard, more edits, both of big things (plot, characters, etc) and little things (nitty gritty line edit). Stuff like sending out requests for published authors to write a cover blurb about your book. Watching but having no input on evolution of your cover art :) Working your butt off building your platform.

Theresa Milstein said...

I'm sorry, but I can't answer your question. I bet the agent can. Good luck!

Michelle Fayard said...

You might find the post at helpful for your second question. Wishing you a great day!


Laura Barnes said...

I'm glad you asked, because I want to know the answer! is my FAVORITE blog out there. As Angie mentioned, check it out.


Deana said...

Why thanks for the gorgeous comment TD! You're making me blush:)

As for your question, I wish I could say I know first hand but, well...
But, I can say I've heard it is meeting with the agent, edit edit edit, cut chop edit. Then book cover stuff,promote promote promote, bite your nails off and then wala! You have a book. At least that is what I hear:)

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with all the other comments, you only need focus on edits right away afterwards, and continue/start some marketing efforts that suit you. The rest the publishing house does, agent or not.

Donna K. Weaver said...

Heyden was so dreadful as Anakin. Ugh.

No idea about what happens after it's been sold.

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