Tuesday, 22 February 2011

One Word Why


This is why I write.

Whether it be longhand or shorthand; on a piece of tissue paper or in my head; I write because it is an escape from a life, a world, a people that is oppressed by difficulty.

To live, for only a moment, as someone else is an adventure; to experience their joys, their sorrow, their world. . .is a gift.

Vicissitude will always affect my life - for better or worse. . . - but in that tiny moment when I sit by myself, close my eyes and listen. . .I cannot be touched.

Because here. . .I am free.

Share one word that illustrates the reason why you write, and why.


Tabitha said...


In stories, anything is possible. Because of this, I can explore anything and everything and turn fantasy into reality. Exploring without limits appeals to me like nothing else can. There might be a better job in the world than writing, but I can't think of one. :)

T.D. McFrost said...

Inspirational as always Tabitha.

Thanks so much :D

Anonymous said...

My word is "identity". Being a writer is who I am. :)

Rachael Harrie said...


Because my words come alive, and I come alive through my words.

It's great to meet you, love how you've written your profile :) And congrats on being my 500th follower!!!



CBame13 said...


The real world tends to lend itself to chameleons. People who can easily blend into a crowd and "fit in" as it were.
With writing, I am free to express myself and try to show a little bit of who I am through my stories

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